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2016 Qld Interclub Competition

2016 Interclub Competition
Hosted by Gold Coast Photographic Society
Standings Points
Mount Gravatt Photographic Society 424
Redlands Camera Club 422
Gold Coast Photographic Society 419
Gympie Camera Club 406
Aspley Camera Club 401
Tin Can Bay Camera Club 398
Brisbane Camera Group 394
Wynnum Bayside Camera Club 393
Rockhampton Photography Club 393
Caloundra Camera Group 391
Gladstone Camera Club 389
Cairns Photographic Society Inc. 388
Beaudesert Camera Club 387
Bribie Island Camera Photography Club 380
Qld Camera Group 370
Toowoomba Photographic Society 369
Emerald Photographic Club 358
Cassowary Coast Camera Club 352
Hervey Bay Photographic Club 348
Townsville Photographic Club 305
Mackay Camera Group 56 (One Section Entry)
Awarded Images 2016 Qld Interclub Awarded Images
by Gold Coast Photographic Society
2017 Topics  
Self Portrait
Scapes *See revised definition below
People *See revised definition below
Non A Grade Open
Definitions will be provided. Please note the following topic definitions have been revised:
Scapes definition altered
An image featuring an expansive view without any subject dominating the scene.
People/Portrait definition altered
Interclub delegates have unanimously agreed to split the topics of People and Portrait to
alternate each year. Delegates noted that close-up Portraits tend to consistently
dominate the awards and by splitting the topics other sorts of people photogrpahy will be
given an opportunity to compete. Revised definitions are below.
A close up picture of a person or persons in which the face, facial features as well as
facial expressions are predominant.
This topic may include candid photographs and formal portraits.
Must be a live human being (manikins, statues, ornaments will not be accepted).
A photograph of a person or people that is strictly not a close up or portrait.
The person/s in the photograph must be the focal subject however the image
could also depict their environment or a broader scene.
Must be a live human being (manikins, statues, ornaments will not be accepted).
OVERVIEW > Qld Interclub Projected Digital Images Competition

The Interclub competition is between Qld camera clubs where each club is invited to
submit up to 3 images within each of the 7 prescribed categories - 21 images in all.

All images will be shown and judged by a panel of 3 judges.
The top images within each category will be awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Merits/HC's
as decided by the host club.
From the 7 first places images, a 'Champion' image will be selected.
Finally, the scores from each image will be tallied to find the winning club.

Awarded images does not have any bearing on the members standing
within their home club (Doesn't count toward club points or APS honours).

Attending the Interclub Judging
All members are invited to attend the judging, this is a wonderful opportunity to see other
clubs works of art and a great time to catch up with old friends, and make new ones!


2015 Interclub Competition
Standings Points
Gold Coast Photographic Society 423
Aspley Camera Club 421
Brisbane Camera Group 419
Stanthorpe Camera Club 415
Mount Gravatt Photographic Society 414
Ipswich Photographic Society 413
Redlands Camera Club 409
Noosa Camera Club 406
Wynnum Camera Club 401
Caloundra Camera Group 394
Qld Camera Group 394
Bribie Photography Club 393
Tin Can Bay Camera Club 392
Exposure Unlimited Beaudesert CC 390
Gympie Camera Club 388
Rockhampton Photography Club 388
Kingaroy Photography Club 377
Greenbank Lenses Photography Club 377
Forest Lake Photography Club 372
Keppel Coast Camera Club 355
Cassowary Coast Camera Club 354
Townsville Photography Club 319
2015 Judges
Carmen Hunn, John North, John Marshall, Richard Bassett.
2016 Topics
Non A Grade Open
The 2016 Interclub Competition will be hosted by Gold Coast Photographic Society


2014 Interclub Competition

Download Zip file for Catalogue, Club and Individual scores
>2014 Qld Interclub Competition Catalogue
(zip file 10.5mb)

Standings Points  
Redlands Camera Club 455
Gold Coast Photographic Society 448
Ipswich Photographic Society 446  
Mount Gravatt Photographic Society 441  
Aspley Camera Club 435  
Exposure Unlimited Beaudesert CC 419  
Stanthorpe Camera Club 415  
Gympie Camera Club 398  
Townsville Photography Club 396  
Cassowary Coast Camera Club 396  
Caloundra Camera Group 386  
Hervey Bay Photography Club 382  
Forest Lake Photography Club 377  
Greenbank Lenses Photography Club 376  
Nanango & District Camera Club 375  

2014 Judges
Ben Stoffl, Georgie Caldwell, Leanne Butterley, Stewart Parker.

2015 Topics
Rural Life
Street Photography
Open (AB & B Grade)
The 2015 Interclub Competition will be hosted by The Gympie Camera Club
For details contact: Gayle Harrison at

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