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Life at the Top
by Nick Stephens
2016 Qld Interclub Competition

  2016 Annual Club Competition Results
Members are awarded points for each entry they submit into the monthly club competition, they are also awarded extra points for any 'Merit' and 'Highly Commended' they receive. These points are tallied at the end of the year to determine club placings.
2016 Club Placings
Digital A+ Grade Prints A+ Grade
1. Karen Duffy 1. Lynette Rankine
2. Liane Day  
3. Maureen Gilbert Prints A Grade
  1. Daniel Hillier
Digital A Grade 2. Cora Lea
1. Kym Morris 3. Melleah Jane Mewett
2. Cath Koch  
3. Bill Sturgess  
Digital AB Grade  
1. Cheryl Nancarrow  
2. Rod Taylor  
3. Catherine Carey  
3. Ronnie Bloye  

Digital B Grade

1. Noeleen Berg  
2. Maris Silins  
3. Julie Walters  
Congratulations to the members who are changing grades in 2017!
2017 AB Grade 2017 A Grade
Noeleen Berg, Maris Silins and
Julie Walters.
Cheryl Nancarrow, Rod Taylor,
Catherine Carey and Ronnie Bloye.
Dianne Arthur Memorial Award > Ina Stacey
The Dianne Arthur Memorial Award recognises a female member who is pursuing their passion in photography at a later age in life and who is an active member of Redlands Camera Club showing effort and persistence.
This award recognises Ina Stacey, a quiet achiever who is committed to photography and has a continued, consistent relationship with the Redlands Camera Club. She has been a member of the club for many years, supports club events and both internal and external club competition regularly.
Allen Forbes Trophy > Christine Morgan
The Allen Forbes Trophy recognises service and dedication to the club over a period of time, in addition to photographic skill.
Christine is dedicated to photography and improvement. She has been involved with various aspects of club events ranging from putting forward outing suggestions to helping organise models for photographic shoots.
She's prominent in greeting new people and members as they arrive on a club evening and has quietly worked in the background supporting the club as well as fulfilling her role as club secretary for the past 3 years.
Barrie Russell Memorial Award > Tony Bloor
Barrie was an original member of the club, a born photographer and successful exhibitor. He was also a talented sail maker and well known in yachting circles.
During his membership of the club, he helped those who were new to photography as well as more experienced members who sought his help.

He died from a heart attack at an early age and this trophy commemorated his memory and club contributions. The taller sections of the trophy represent the sails and the camera, his photography.
The award was established to recognise the contribution of one member during the year to club activities. It has also been used to recognise the commitment and advancement of skills by members, particularly those who are newer members of the club. This award goes to Tony Bloor.

Over the years Tony has been a constant, consistent contributing member of the club. His dedication to photography has seen him successful not only in club competition but also in National and International Exhibitions.
Tony is known for his friendly and helpful nature and has been responsible for leading and being part of club events/tutorials through his time with the club.
Tony has faced some health hurdles in the past and we're pleased to see him get past those issues and return to club with his passion for photography continuing.

Service Award > Allan Davis
Service Award > Peter Gillanders
2016 APS Honours
The Australian Photographic Society rewards its members who achieve excellence
in photography with their own honours and also recommends photographers for International Distinctions conferred by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).
Grand Master (GMAPS)
2016 FIAP Honours
Conferred by International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).
In order to honour photographic artists who, after having received the EFIAP distinction, continue to actively participate in international salons under FIAP Patronage and by so help to promote photography with their new artistic production.
Brian Russell EFIAP FAPS  



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